Akecheta Pixiebob Testimonials


We want to tell everyone what a wonderful temperament the Pixie Bob has, but you would expect us to say that wouldn't you! However, here are some of the comments we have received from real people who have adopted our babies, and how they actually got on over the first few days.

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Caroline - May 2013.

I thought you'd like to see this photo - Dorcas and Tabitha having a happy time on the scratching post. Leah had also been underneath but jumped off just as the shutter clicked - the other two are looking at her dashing off.

We all slept well with the cats sharing themselves between us both.  We all woke at about 4am and it was lovely to have a stroke and cuddle of a small purring kitten before we all went back to sleep.

Dunk went back to work very reluctantly this morning as he really wanted to stay at home with the girls.  We had a very quiet day with them yesterday and they are all much more settled now.  They are all dashing round with their tails up - Dorcas in particular kept her tail down at first but they are all now very alert and more confident with their tails much more erect. 

They are all having a great time dashing about the house, leaping on and off the beds with great thuds - sounding more like half a dozen than only three.  They also demanded elevenses - sitting where their bowls are put and wowing piteously.  This is despite polishing off breakfast three hours earlier and having biscuits there anyway. They packed it all away and are now crashed out in the sun on my bed - it is a hard life being a kitten !

triplets triplets
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Beverley - February 2013.

Just thought I would let you know that the girls have recovered well from their op. The stitches are healing up lovely and their fur is starting to come back. They havent bothered with the scar at all and haven't even had to wear the buster collars.
They are really at home here now and are definitely  part of our family. I am still not ready to let them out yet so for now they are house cats but I think they are happy with that. Puddin walks towards the door when we open it to have a nosey but has never made an attempt to escape. Lily however seems to have no interest at all in going out. We thankfully also seem to have seen an end to the weeing, she uses her tray all the time now.
Will keep in touch with updates and photos Bev xx

puddin and lilly puddin and lilly
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Susie - January 2013.

Just thought you might like to see how Oscar is doing. Latest close up picture below and one of him snuggling into his big brother

Oscar is such a cheeky but clever lad. He is fascinated with taking the plugs from our sinks and hiding them - and then has that 'wasn't me mum' look in his eyes! His latest trick is switching on the bathroom light by jumping up and swinging on the pull cord! He just loves a cuddle and rubbing noses with you.

Hope you like the pictures



Pictures & comments kindly provided by Briggitte - January 2013.

Big hello & happy new Year from the 3 of us.
Tootsie is doing great... cheeky & keeps us on our toes.
The travel to Ireland over Christmas was really easy and everyone fell in love with her.

stella stella stella
Pictures & comments kindly provided Polly - December 2012.

You may remember that my husband Giles bought this beautiful cat from you - we now live in the Cotswolds (not London) with lots more space - needless to say Dixie is the top predator here and loving every minute of it!!

We often look at your website and now wonder if there are to be any more litters of kittens - we are interested in polydactyl feet, female and long tail - not unlike Dixie!

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Beta - December 2012.

Hope you all(including kitties) are well. I can't believe its nearly year since Bramble is with us. He's been nothing but a joy all the time. You were right saying that Pixi Bobs personality is great. Bramble become my little friend. He greets me at the door, play fetch and simply is great company. He is the one getting up with me in the morning, probably as he gets hungry;) but I choose to believe he does it from love to me;).
he grew his winter coat and is very fluffy at the moment.

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Briggitte - November 2012.

Just a little photo for you to see our little relaxed (princess) Tootsie.
It was great coming home to her little squeaky cry for attention - she slept on the end of our bed last night I guess the routine is set!

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Stuart - November 2012.

Just to let you know that Charley, jack (and Madison) have all emigrated to Spain and are enjoying their new life in the sun.

I thought you might enjoy Charley's take on the whole moving experience.

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Alison - October 2012.

I thought I'd email you to let you know that we are postponing having April spayed until late November, because we are about to go away for 3 weeks and wanted to be around for her post op.
She is the most adorable girl, so affectionate, gentle and calm.  In fact in many ways the opposite to Micco our boy who is rather manic, and much more nervous of new things and people.  She brings a lot of joy into our lives.  I've attached a couple of photos so you can see how she's grown!
Take care

april April
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Deborah - September 2012.

Hope you are both ok. I am just letting you know Coco has now been neutered and she is doing brilliant. We love her more every day and here are a few Photos to show how content and happy she is .

coco coco coco
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Chentel - September 2012.

Hope you are well. Just thought we'd send you and updated photograph of our Matou seeing as he's nearly a year old.

As you'll see from the picture, he truly runs the household! He's a constant source of entertainment and cuddles and famous among my clients as the calendar cat - I frequently get requests of pictures of him!

Thank you so much for letting us have him!

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Doug - August 2012.

Apologies for the delay on sending an update, we've been busy playing with George and Daisy! George has settled in really well. He was quite quiet and shy to begin with but now he has really come out of his shell.

It took a couple of days for him and Daisy to accept one another but as you can see from the photo below they are now best friends! George went to see the vet on the 13th and the vet said he was very healthy. Over the next few weeks we'll also look to book him into the vets for neutering for when the vet recommends.

We will send another update in a few weeks, in the meantime we'll send through a couple more photos.

Best wishes,
George, Daisy, Maggie and Doug.

George George
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Victoria - August 2012.

The cats don't seem to lie together for long enough to take a picture of them all but here is one of Saph...settled in extremely well!! She's very confident, super cheeky and playful! But so loving too...she's desperate for love and attention!!

Her cheekiness is forgotten when she looks like this!!!!!

Saphie Saphie
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Colin - August 2012.

She is just perfect, Below is a picture of her cuddling Joanne yesterday. She is the most loving and intelligent cat we have ever known.  All our family and friends love her and Joanne's mum tells everyone about her.  Below also there is a picture of Minnie and Dotty on the scratching post we bought her, it is so funny watching them play on it and the competition as to who can sit the highest keeps them busy for hours.  Dotty loves her and tries to mother her in between play fighting and running after each other.  They have just started to cuddle each other for a few moments before Minnie wants to fight and they really are the best of friends.  Minnie is so vocal and if left in the front room without one of us being there she protests and keeps meowing even when picked up for a cuddle.  She likes to sit on our chests or even shoulders then snuggle down for us to stroke her.  She lifts her back leg when she wants her belly stroking like a dog and can chew her toys like one also.  She is the most agile cat we have ever known and her ability to jump is amazing.  She is happy to jump and climb up on our backs whilst we are sat at the computer.  We have lots of pictures of her and will send some more later as I need to get them all  together in one place from our cameras and phones.

minnie minnie
Pictures & comments kindly provided by Beta - May 2012.

I hope you all are well. Congratulations on the new litters.
I finally got to sending you Brambles Neuter Certificate.
He had his surgery some time ago. Has done very well.
He is growing slowly in to adorable cat. Is full of energy and love to chase everything what moves.  He become part of my family. His personality is changing and bringing more joy. I would like to thank you again for such a lovely kitten.
Kindest Regards

Pictures & comments kindly provided by Doug - March 2012.

We just wanted to say that Jenny has settled in really well and is growing up fast! She really is the most amazing little thing, we can understand why Pixie Bob's have such a wonderful reputation. She loves playing fetch (the mouse toys are her favourites), doing whatever it is we're doing, cuddling and generally being very mischievous!

Jenny Jenny Jenny
Pictures kindly provided by Chantel & Michael - March 2012.

Hope you are very well. Apologies for not sending a proper email before, it's been a bit manic! We tried a few different names for Zane and finally settled on Matou (French for kitten). We had a friend staying from France and he seemed to respond to Matou the most!

He's an adorable & loveable little fellow - always up for a cuddle and a play. We've let him outside a few times and he's fascinated with all the birds and plants - do have to keep an eye on him though as he keeps eating the bamboo.

He has a few favourite toys - climbing post with mouse & bell on a string, and a fish on a string which has become his teddy - he won't go to sleep without it. When we go to bed he goes downstairs to fetch it and we can hear the wooden stick clicking up the stairs until he settles on the bed.

Favourite games - climbing on top of the headboard and launching himself at full speed onto us to wake us up and feed him, usually around 4am! He comes back for a snuggle afterwards though so it's difficult to be too annoyed about it.

All and all, he's settled in very well and seems to be a happy little kitten. We've had him neutered yesterday so I put the completed form in the post to you, you should have it probably by tomorrow. I will also forward some photos to you, they're all on my phone.

Thank you so much for letting us have Matou - he really is a little treasure!

Kind Regards

Chantel & Michael

Matou Matou Matou
Pictures kindly provided by Andrew - March 2012.
Dylan Dylan
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Beta - February 2012.

I thought you might like to see how is Bramble doing. I could not wish for better kitten. He is adorable!!! Growing very well, he gain quite a bit of weight since we got him. He loves chasing everything what moves. Lately favorite is peace of paper. He has learn how to play fetch and enjoy that game a lot. Jumping and climbing keep him busy every day. He is very affectionate, love being cuddle, stroke and pampered. Become very confident around us and the house. He greets me very often  at the door when im coming back after after work. He brought lot of joy and im very thankful for having him. Hope you all are well.
Kindest Regards
Beata and Bramble :)

Bramble Bramble Bramble
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Olga - Russia - January 2012.

Hi  Clare!
In Maggie all is good.
Apartment consider.
Eats a hen. The dry meal doesn't eat.
I send some photos.
Мэги it is difficult to photograph,  on a place doesn't sit.

maggie may maggie may maggie may
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Evelyn January 2012.

Hello Clare I thought I would just attach this latest picture of our very very spoilt brat Maddie.  Boxes are one of her favourite toys - especially those with new human toys in them as when you sit on them the humans can't get to play with the toys - till one gets bored of that game and moves onto something else.

Maddie Maddie
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Natailie - January 2012.

Sorry took a while sending you some photos of Winnie, I will keep sending update photos. She never sits long enough she just wants cuddles instead lol 

Winnie is doing fantastic its like shes always been here settled in so well, she follows me every where, when i go to bed she goes to bed, i get up off the sofa she gets off the sofa lol, she is so loving and she loves my grandson, she knows come 3:45 he will be popping in after school and she waits looking out the window for him and as soon as she sees him jumps straight on the sofa for her daily cuddles. I love her to bits. 

Natalie is getting so excited for Wallace coming, shes been out buying him all sorts every time we nip out she has to get him something, i thought i was bad before Winnie came lol 

she sends him lots of hugs and kisses and hopes hes doing well. 

she shown me the photos you updated of him, hes gorgeous Clare, you must be so proud of all your kittens they are out of this world.

Will keep you updated 

Many thanks Lynda x

sleepy time cuddle time cuddle time
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Claire - January 2012.

Thought I would trouble you with some more photos, just tell me to stop if I'm bugging you, I just feel the need to share photos of my boys with everyone as I have the two most beautiful Pixiebobs in the world. Kojo and Louis are now best friends and inseparable. Louis hero worships Kojo, and Kojo has found the best friend he always wanted. Louis cries if he can't see Kojo, and Kojo hearing this, comes running!
Trying to type is a nightmare as they both seem to want to sit on the keyboard - I hope my lecturer takes 'cats on keyboard' as mitigating circumstances if my coursework is late in tomorrow!
I have to say the photos don't do Louis justice, he is far more handsome in person, everyone melts when they see him. My mother is besotted, and my parents have started arguing over who gets first stroke when we take the boys to their house to play! Louis has also found a friend in the golden retriever Honey, I've never experienced such a laid back kitten! On first introduction he didn't hiss once and practically laughed at Kojo running when I put the hoover on! Nothing fazes him!

snuggles snuggles snuggles
Pictures and comments kindly provided by David & Casey - November 2011.

Hi Clare, long time no hear from us, anyway, Paddypuss  is still happy and healthy, just a couple of pics for you, he loves lazing in front of the fire, don’t we all!  He’s almost more human than cat looking at the way he sleeps. Everyone that meets him loves him!  Best wishes.  David and Casey

paddypuss paddypuss paddypuss
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Sandra - September 2011.

Thought I would let you know how well my two little ones are settling
in.   They have made friends with Millie and Jazzie and they now eat
and sleep together.   They are absolutely adorable and we never get
tired of watching them play, they are so comical.   We have been out
again today and come back with more toys.   They are eating everything
in sight and are looking really well.  They are inseparable and Rosie still cries if Bob is out of her sight.  Last night they had a mad half hour, running round and round the room, jumping on furniture, etc -  I was in hysterics watching them.

friends friends friends
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Luci - August 2011.

Lovely to hear from you, I was just uploading some pics to email to you!

Mark said Stevie slept almost all the way home so he was full of beans & playing with Gage when he got here. Didn't seem too put out really.

George (our resident grump) has been in a bit of a huff but they've been sniffing noses and I'm sure will be firm friends in no time.

Here are some pics for you, I'm sure you'll laugh at the one of grumpy George on the landing, you can just see Stevie's ear in the corner on the bed :)

We'll definitely keep in touch so you can see him grow up and please do drop in and have coffee with us if you're ever our way, we'd love to see you and you can visit with Stevie.



Steve steve steve
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Alex & Kitty from Athens - Greece. August 2011.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are all doing great.
We just came back from a two week holiday from our summer home in the island of Sifnos. 
Ziggy had no problem adjusting to the new surroundings. I actually think she had great fun exploring and running around the house; she is incredibly curious of anything new!
I must admit that she is officially our alarm clock in the morning and that she continues to be extremely active and playful. Of course, we are also working hard to perfect our "fetching" skills! 
Please see attached for some recent pictures of her, let us know what you think.

Best regards,
Alex & Kitty

ziggy ziggy ziggy
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Andrea & Craig - Hector & Kassie (aka Hector & Darcy) - July 2011

we love them dearly already but now we know how new parents feel lol! So sorry I haven't emailed but my dad had surgery this week so I have been staying at my mums whilst Criag has been installing himself as favourite with the kittens via sardines, boiled eggs and chicken! I have taken lots of photos but they are rubbish as they won't sit still - I am persevering in the hope I get one good enough to send you - I will send a couple via text from my phone but they are not great...
As for Daisy (more confusion for you I am afraid!) - she is now Kassie (and answers to it so we won't be procrastinating again!) as we decided  brother and sister names would be nice - she, like Kassandra of Troy is also the cleverest of the two and plots to keep Hector from the top bed on the tree. Hector has taken to stashing his favorite toy and they both love waking us up at 5am by the biting and scratching of toes :). Despite the complete takeover of our lives we would not be without them now and we are awaiting delivery of an outdoor run for them to enjoy the summer with us - no holiday for us this year as we want to give them our full attention! I will text you the pics and when I get good ones I will get them to you - and maybe a video of bathtime! I am so glad we found you as we couldn't wish for two more gorgeously sociable little feline friends who like nothing better than cuddling up together on our laps!
Take care and speak soon,

Hector & Kassie Hector & Kassie Hector & Kassie
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Cilla & Rick - Biddy (aka Shelly) - July 2011

Biddy is going to be as beautiful as her mother!
I remember saying if my kitten turns out to be anything like her I would be very pleased.
Biddy is almost six months old and turning into a little beauty.

I have had so much pleasure from this kitten, she has bags of character, the whole family is smitten with her.

She is so full of energy, leaping into the air for her favourite toy, a paper ball.
While I'm watching TV she will get her paper ball from her bag of toys and bring it to me to throw,
sometimes she catches it in her two front paws then has a game of football ... then she will bring it to me to throw again.
This game can go on for ages.

I love the way she peeps around corners to watch where I'm going, then she goes like the wind ... and gets there before me!

She likes to be on my lap in the mornings while I have my very important mugs of coffee and in the evenings we watch TV.

The two main problems I have are ....

1) When I'm using my I pad .... she likes to sit right on top of it.

2) When I'm making my jewellery (my hobby) she loves to get involved ... this makes creating very difficult ... I think she loves beads as much as I do!

I did have a bit of a panic morning a few weeks ago ...

Biddy had been with us two weeks and would come if I called her name or shook a toy with a bell in it ... this one morning, she didn't come.
I walked around the house several times calling her name and shaking her toy but Biddy didn't appear.

I thought she must have got outside, so I went calling her name and shaking her toy in the garden, Biddy didn't appear.

I caught my daughter-in-law, who lives next door, before she went to work and told her I couldn't find Biddy.
She said she would come and help me search. She walked around the house and garden several times ... no Biddy.
She went to the Police Station and the vets thinking if someone found her they might take her there.

I rang my husband at work, he said he would come home. He pulled out the freezer, washing machine and the dryer ... no Biddy.

After three hours of searching I opened a wardrobe door and ... out she walked!!

I must thank you for Biddy, I couldn't wish for a better pet.

Pictures and comments kindly provided by Sue & David - Beau and Fleuri - November 2010
Beau Fleuri
Hi Clare
I hope you're well.   Just wanted to check that the neutering certificates have
arrived safely?
Both Fleuri and Beau are doing really well. Now that they're both neutered they have free run outside which they're loving - especially Beau. He's a proper boy and loves racing around the garden and climbing trees. He's started hunting now, specialities are worms and frogs but we have had the odd mouse. Fleuri prefers to stay in and sit on her butler's (David's) knee - she's a little madam but very funny. They're both very intelligent and learn new things quickly. We've just started letting them sleep in our bedroom and for the first couple of weeks they were play fighting on the bed at around 4am. Every night David got up and shut them out of the room as soon as they started playing up. For about the past week they invade the bed only when they hear our alarm go off, and the nice bit is they're really proud of themselves (it must be a real effort for them to resist doing it earlier) and they skip around the bedroom when we're getting ready.
Beau is a bit of a telly addict - he's watching a documentary about the Chilean miners as I type!
I've attached a few new photos so you can see how the pair of them are progressing - the flowery thing is a hammock, I got out and they got in!
best wishes
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Evelyn & Donald - November 2010
Maddie & Chloe
Maddie & Chloe November 2010


Hello Clare, she's made it - Chloe is now her best friend and is the chosen one.....
best wishes
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Janene - Dolly - October 2010
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Dolly was very quiet on the journey back but Jarvis did cry quite a bit!  He is getting on great with my mums other cats.  
Indy is ok with Dolly now, but there was a bit off hissing to begin with.  They sleep together in the same bed now which is great and Dolly is eating really well.


Dolly Dolly Indy & new arrival Dolly
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Angela Gizmo & Gremlin - October 2010
Gizmo and Gremlin Gizmo Gremlin and Baloo
Hi Clare and Nigel.
How's it going with the litters?  I just wanted to let you know that Gizmo and Gremlin (definitely keeping those names - they suit them perfectly!) are doing fine.  I wish I'd booked 2 weeks off work now - this week I've spent making sure my adults are okay whilst still playing with the new kittens whereas now it's just starting to get fun and they're all playing with each other!
I have attached a selection of photos to try to show the vanishing pair playing with the babies!  It's not been easy because they're too quick and run off before I can get a good photo or else they're all in bed with me looking cute but I don't have a camera there!  Mowgli has been brilliant with them but tends to just watch at the moment whereas Baloo is more hands-on and gets in on the action - as you will see in the pics.
Pictures and comments kindly provided by Evelyn & Donald - October 2010
Maddie Maddie Maddie
It must have been quite a long journey for the little scrap, and quite traumatic, Donald got back home about 630 on the Sat, so we let her out and as your other half said we watched her like a hawk to make sure she used a sand tray.  She disappeared under a futon and stayed there for an hour, then ventured out, she was hungry and guzzled some food then started to explore.  Everything was very new and scary for her at first, and then the dogs arrived.  Well she hated the dogs and became a large spitting furrball...... It will take her a little bit of time to adjust to them, but even this morning, she was playing with me and the dogs came into the room where we have her bed and food etc whilst she gets acclimatised, and she didn't become so much of a furrball, and kept on playing,  She is absolutely adorable.  And what amazed me yesterday, is that she was introduced into yet another new room - our conservatory, where my mother was sitting.  now my mother has Alzheimers, and so things are a little bit difficult for her.  HOWEVER, maddie went and curled up on her arm and went to sleep, which was fab, as my mother remembers now that we have a new addition and she thinks she is gorgeous - that was something special for her.
I think she is going to be a little spoilt........
She was getting a little bit more familiar with the dogs last night, she got as far as coming up to sniff Chloe's tail, but because it was wagging so much( because that's what Chloe does when she's worried), maddie couldn't cope with that and retreated.  However later I was playing with her with a piece of paper on the wooden floor( very good fun for kitties) and gradually we got nearer and nearer the dogs whilst she was playing, so its all goo.  At bedtime( her bedtime!) she came through into our living room and collapsed on the settee next to Donald - dogs and all, it wont be long I don't think.  She's eating well, pooing and peeing in the correct place, and is doing all the right things.
best wishes



July 2010 - pictures kindly supplied by Janene - Indy.

Hi there
Sorry have not been in touch sooner but been so busy lately.  Indy is fine and is getting so big...he loves his food, a bit too much I think! He loves playing fetch with
his fave ball and is well and truly part of the family. My mum will be getting her second pixie bob soon!!


Indy Indy Indy


July 2010 - Pictures kindly supplied by Angela.

Hi Clare and Nigel
Happy Birthday to Mowgli and Baloo (and their brothers and sisters).  I can't believe they're a year old already (they don't seem that much bigger but I guess they're still growing?).  I bought them a rather strange present for cats - a small dog kennel!  I've run out of cat toys and furniture to buy them.
Just wanted to send you a couple of up-to-date pictures of them.  As you can see, they haven't settled at all!  One is of the brothers lounging on one of their outdoor scratching posts and I just couldn't resist sending you one of the boys sleeping with Leo.  Orry (my white cat) prefers to sleep on his own these days and gets most put out when Baloo tries to snuggle up with him!  He's still more than happy to skip around with them like a kitten though.
Thank you for breeding this wonderful breed - they really are the best pedigree breed I have come across.  They make me smile and/or laugh every day and I'd definitely recommend getting two together.


Thanks Angela!

Mowgli & baloo
3 in a bed!

July 2010 -(Fabulous) Pictures kindly supplied by Sue and taken by her husband David.

She is definitely much more relaxed and playful than she was even a few days ago and is eating like a horse - ordinary kitten food! - and clears her plate every time.  She still won't take dried food but she's doing really well - we think she's grown a bit and you can judge for yourself in the attached pics.  He of course is good as gold and has been all along! There are fewer pics of Beau than Fleuri because he's such a live wire that it's hard to get a good shot of him. Beau is much admired by everybody as an incredibly handsome cat and of course Fleuri is so cute that even the vet - who by her own admission has seen a few kittens in her time - was captivated by her.


Fleuri & Beau.

Fleuri Beau Beau Fleuri & Beau

June 2010 - Pictures supplied by Rebecca - Lilly.
Lily is doing really well. She will have at least one mad half hour every day. She will run all around the living room furniture then run up stairs and all round the bedroom and then back down the stairs and repeats until she's tired. She is also the worlds best fly catcher. She makes us all squirm when she then eats them. I bought some very nice toys for her but her favourite is a screwed up ball of paper. She loves playing fetch and attacking our feet in the middle of the night.
I did decide to let her go outside in the garden because I felt really mean when she sat looking out the window. She doesn't go far and she doesn't stay out for long.
I hope you enjoy the photos
kind regards,



Lilly Lilly Lilly

February 2010


Hi Clare,
She's doing great, mostly slept in the car then spent a few hours looking round when we got home and i was a bit worried as she hadn't had a wee or eaten anything but she did both at half 9. She got me up to play at 6am but we had a nap on the sofa later on. She's eaten well today and has been playing fetch with her mouse, she's really good at it. She's been following me around all day but if she doesn't see me leave the room she starts crying. She's absolutely adorable, i won't want to leave her to go to work on Tuesday but will be able to call home at lunchtime. She's sleeping on a cushion now, tired out from playing.
I'll send you another email with some photos soon.
February 2010


Hi Clare,
Thanks for letting me know that you received the carrier, apologies for the delay.
As for Bobby, he’s growing into an unbelievably big and handsome boy! It’s amazing to think that he’s only 17 weeks old, especially as he’s so clever. He doesn’t have a problem (at all) wearing his harness although getting him to walk on a leash is proving a bit more difficult but nevertheless he’s coming round to it. Have you got any tips to offer with regards to getting him to walk on the leash?
He has a real ‘penchant’ for the toggles on tracksuit bottoms and tops. His favourite day is washing day as they all hang from the clothes horse and he goes crazy for them! He loves playing fetch too, although he takes great delight in annihilating his mouse toy before bringing it back. As stupid as it sounds, he’s also making me sleep better. When we go to bed (Bobby follows us, of course) and he starts purring, it’s actually quite hypnotic and soothing so I nod off very nicely. I must sound as if I’m in need of the men in white coats!

We’re still very much hoping to adopt a ‘Buster’ so Bobby has a brother to play with. Is there any news on that front?

We hope that you and your family are all keeping well.
Kindest regards,

Michael and Wendy.  
Supplied by Richard - February 2010
Hi both,
Just letting you know Husky has settled in well, he actually fell asleep in the car on the way home..
He came to bed with us on Sunday night and slept until 2.30am when I woke up with him sitting on my head lol.. he kept us up for about an hour with what Bevan likes to say as a rackett but what I like to call Singing!! lol..
He is rather vocal, making strange almost roaring noises which is quite entertaining..I have been giving him him anti-biotics and he has tuna for breckfast along with a Wiskers Temptaions Chicken flavour in the evening!!
This is going to sound quite strange to you both, but we still have our xmas tree up in the living room which we should have taken down months ago lol..but we are considering leaving it up all year as Husky loves just diving into it..he is so funny!
Thanks again for this little Tyke, he is a real star..x
February 2010


Just a couple of pics for you.  They are doing really well and as you can see they absolutely love each other


Pictures kindly supplied by Angela and Colin.
penny and princess
penny and princess
January 20101
Hi Clare and Nigel
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.  I thought I'd just send you a few pics of my brood and let you know I have changed the kitten's names.  Jake is now Baloo and Marley is Mowgli.
The first picture is lovely - the two babies cuddling.  I have printed this one out for my desk at work!  The second photo is one of all 4 cats together on my settee.  I, of course, sit on the floor most evenings!  The next one is of Baloo/Jake sitting on an outdoor scratcher in the snow.  I haven't managed to get a good one of Mowgli/Marley in the snow because he is always seeking shelter from it!  Baloo absolutely loves playing in the snow with Leo but Mowgli isn't so sure.  Mind you, Mowgli was the first to discover how to get on my kitchen worktops.  Finally, a picture of the babies on Christmas Day playing with some of their new toys, plus my wrapping paper!.....
I am dreading leaving them for a whole day - I hate being away from them and I know I'll worry about them but it has to be done I suppose.
Anyway, I'd better sign off before I rabbit on any more.
Take care.
jake & marley
October 2009 - Caroline and Rat wrote (re Poppy, Harley and Lydon aka Poppy, Ozzy and Jeffrey) ......
Hi Clare & Nigel,
Hope you are both well. we are all well.
Just to let you know how all our babies are doing.
All 3 of them are doing fine and have settled in, they are eating well and running round the lounge like mad.  Lydon (AKA Jeffrey) plays hide and seek under the cushions on the sofa and teases Harley (AKA Ozzy) Lydon sat on my lap for most of yesterday afternoon and even came up and gave me a kiss which I felt honoured.
Both Lydon and Harley like to slide along the sofa whilst Poppy looks on at them as if to say you pair are mad.
Poppy is still playing fetch and have I have been encouraging Harley to do the same.  All 3 of them love the scratching post and all of the other numerous toys that we bought for them.  The lounge however does look like a bomb site though, Harley likes to just sit in the litter tray which is quite amusing and sweet. 
They are all 3 gorgeous bundles of fun and we are so proud to have them.  I have not introduced the existing cats to them yet I am hoping that all goes well, I think Jasmine is a bit upset at the moment.
I will send you some photos later of the threesome.
Thank you once again for 3 beautiful kittens.
we shall see you both soon and take care Love Caroline and Rat xxxx
and again...... hi both
all 3 of our lovely kittens were settled as soon as we opened their travel boxes,eating and running riot!!
harley is completely fearless,thinks the hoover is a toy even and loves attacking the bigger two lydon still walks around talking to himself and eats like a horse,poppy is a mellow lady who purrs all the time and loves a cuddle(and playing fetch of course!) we know all the kittens are like your babys and now these 3 are ours and are treated so too!! we could nt be happier with them,thank you so much and keep up the great work!!
lots of love
caroline and rat

The 3 Musketeers


October 2009 - Louise wrote of Lilly (AKA Bobbie Sue).........


Lilly is doing great and Rubin is completely smitten with her, he gave her face a wash this morning...very cute!
She has the perfect personality and puts Rubin in his place when he gets a little too amorous, mostly they have been playing together really well, particularly at hide and seek in all the cardboard boxes I put together for them.They were both curled up together on the bed with me last night, it was lovely!
Well, I will continue to keep you updated and will send you some pictures.
bobbie sue and rubin
October 2009 - Stuart wrote(about Alice and Panther) :-
Just a quick note to say that We all arrived back safely in Edinburgh. Alice and Panther have spent the last hour exploring every corner of the living room. Alice has selected a replacement mouse (because I am a klutz and left her favourite mouse behind) and has been playing vigorously with it.
The surprise for Kate remarkably remained intact. On the way back, I got a little sleepy so I pulled over in a lay-by for a quick cat nap. It that 10 minutes. Panther and Alice stop meowing for the first time and Kate phoned to ask where I was!! They sat quietly whilst I talked to Kate and explained I was in the office and then meowed as soon as I hung up!
Kate is absolutely bowled over with the new additions to our family. She can't decide if she is excited or mad at me for not letting her come down to meet all your other cats but right now she is way too busy to decide, getting to know Panther and Alice.


And again...... Alice decided I looked like a fine place to sleep so it was impossible to write. In the end I gave up my seat and now Alice and Panther are curled up asleep in it and I'm on the uncomfortable sofa. Kate absolutely loves them both. It was all I could do to persuade her not to sleep in the living room with them tonight.
Both Panther and Alice had some biscuits and a drink of water this evening.
It is absolutely amazing how socialised they are and how quickly they have settled. After that first hour of sniffing around, they have just moved right in and decided to call us home.
As I mentioned to Nigel, next time you are in Edinburgh give us a shout and come up and see the four that Kate and I now serve!
And again....... So what's news. First is that we changed Panthers nickname to Jack. He
doesn't answer to either name so we figured he wouldn't mind too much. Hope
you guys don't mind either! Second, we took a visit over to the vet on
Friday and Alice and Jack wowed everyone. They also got a clean bill of
health (not that we ever thought they wouldn't). They are booked into be
neutered at the end of November. The vet we use does this with keyhole
surgery so Alice will only get a tiny scar. Madison only had one stitch when
she got home from hers. Both Chester and Madison were back up to full speed
in less than 24 hours so we are hoping for the same.
So how are Alice and Jack? Absolutely fabulous. Getting a brother and sister
together was definitely the right thing to do. There hasn't even been a peep
of concern about changing to their new environment. Having a buddy to play
with has made all the difference. That also seems to have helped with the
socialisation with Chester and Madison too. There are a few hissy fits here
and there but they can all stand to be in the same room together already and
when I woke up this morning Chester and Alice had curled up on my bed on
either side of my leg and were fast asleep, so obviously couldn't be that
stressed about each others company.
Both are eating well. There was no problem transitioning them onto Hills
biscuits and the wet food wasn't a problem either. Saturday night was tuna
night. Man they are both tuna hounds, I was sure they were going to suck up
the pattern off the bowl.
Jack has had or is having a bit of a growth spurt and is looking like a he
is going to be a big strong lad. Alice is still hanging on to being small
and cute but I am sure she will start to catch up soon.
Alice plays fetch every day with one of the myriad mice in the house. Jack
is right there with her shoulder to shoulder but he is ever the gentleman
and lets Alice bring the mouse back. Actually, I think Alice is a bit of a
pushy sister really!
We have had a few hysterical moments. Yesterday I brought home a new
tickling stick with bright red feathers (We had an old one but it was
getting a bit thread bare).
Alice grabbed the business end and with a mighty tug pulled out almost all
the feathers in one go. When she looked up her feathery smile was priceless.
Why is there never a camera handy when you need one! Thankfully we managed
to distract her with a mouse and get her to spit out all the feathers.
Anyway, so now the tickling stick is just a stick. Its a play stick but just
a stick nonetheless.
Jack is fascinated by the seagulls that fly past the living room window. We
quite often find him on the window sill staring out sea looking forward to
the next fly by.
Kate was torn between disbelief and joy when we all arrived home. As
predicted she was mad at me for not bringing her down to see you guys but
she has been absolutely bowled over with having Alice and Jack join the
party. It was impossible for her to be mad at me and full of joy at the same
time so I got away with it!
So that's about it. Everyone is sleeping as its Sunday afternoon and I had
better get on with some chores as I was away last weekend.
Will write more soon  to let you know how everything is going on but just
now, everything is absolutely fine with the six of us. Sorry the photo's are
a bit fuzzy. Not quite enough light and two very willing and quick kitties.
Best regards,
Kate and stu,
+ Chester, Madison, Alice and Jack
Panther - AKA Jack
September 2009 - Emma wrote :- (about Tia - AKA Jennifer)
Hi Clare took this this afternoon and thought it was too cute for you not to see,only problem was I was pinned to the chair for nearly two hours by the pair of them lol!!
Will send you more to keep you updated she has settled fine and eating like a little pig.
and again....


Tia has won Leo over she was even trying to suckle from him last night and he was looking at her as if to say "you can try but you wont find anything!" lol.
She has won everybodys heart here they are in awe of her its quite funny how such a little thing can melt everyones heart as soon as they see her they all go awwwww!
I took her to the vets yesterday to register her and I cant beleive she asked me if i wanted to book her in to have her thumbs taken off - of course you can imagine my reply lol.

Thanks for letting me have such a big character wrapped into such a little parcel
Jennifer and co!
September 2009 - Michelle wrote :- (re Paws - AKA Mackrel)


Hi Clare
Mackrel has made himself at home now he is such a sweetheart, he is sat on my lap as we speak.  He has found a real interest in the guinea pigs as you will see from one of the photo's.  His favourite place at the moment is on the kitchen bay window looking out over the back garden.  He follows me around the house like a little dog and lets me know when he wants a cuddle or something to eat.
I will keep you posted on his progress.
Michelle, Steve & Rowan
and again.....

Hi Clare
Mackrel is growing by the day, I have had to put my rain tree outside now because he will not leave it alone, there's compost everywhere!  He doesn't seem that bothered about the felix cat food, he loves the royal canin biscuits and he has cooked chicken fillets for his tea which he absolutly loves.  I caught him drinking tea out of my cup yesterday then he laid on the sofa on his back fully stretched out with his front paws behind his head just like a monkey. We are gradually introducing him to Murphy our dog, he doesn't seem to hiss as much now.
I will have to send you some more pictures.  
Kind regards
Mackrel Mackrel Mackrel
Mackrel Mackrel Mackrel
David and Casey wrote............ (re Jerry)
Hi clare and nigel, here’s a few I took yesterday, he does keep me from my work a lot,  that thing he’s after is the bit of paper on a string on a stick, he loves it!!  And he’s grown loads, although still quite small. He’s longing to explore the outside world, but he’ll have to learn to respond to his name and come when called before he’s let loose, even if its the rattle of the kitten biscuits that brings him back, I don’t mind!
                I’ll send a few more in different poses, when he lets me.
Regards, David and Casey


Pixie Bob Jerry Pixie Bob Jerry Pixie Bob Jerry
And again on 18/8/2009.... Re Paddy Puss (AKA Jerry)
           Hi Clare and Nigel, just a quick update, Paddy-puss has settled in fine and still following us around demanding his attention, He really does sleep in some unusual positions,  as the photos will show,  it seems he’s happiest when he’s fed, amused, pampered and asleep.
 Regards David and Casey
jerry jerry jerry
jerry jerry jerry
Michelle wrote........ (re Bear)
Hi Clare & Nigel
Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let yoy know that Bear is absolutely fine.  He Wasn't too impressed with the car journey home, he made a bit of a noise and tried his best to get out.  When we got home we let him out in the lounge, and got everyone to sit down. I thought he might have hidden somewhere for a while but he just went to explore, had a good look round everywhere. He was a little wary of us for a while though, a bit jumpy.  He has eaten a little bit of cooked chicken.  He has used his litter tray! which we were all impressed with.  Elliot our youngest is really smitten, its a little bit like me and my shadow at the minute.  Bear has got a bit used to us already and has come over to us for a cuddle.  He is asleep on the sofa next to Elliot just now.  So all seems well.
We will be intouch again soon and will send you regular pics so you can see him grow.
Thanks again


and again.........
Bear has settled in perfectly and has cemented a place in our family.  We've really been amazed at how well it's gone. He's been eating and sleeping well, and has used his litter tray without fail.  He sleeps on our bed with us.  He hasn't got the hang of his own bed yet ... but Bear doesn't appear to be trying too hard.  He loves company and has enjoyed playing with his toys with Oliver and Elliot who both adore him.  Bear has a mad half an hour on most nights where he shoots in and out of his tunnel and runs around a bit crazy, but he doesn't climb the walls or curtains or do anything too mad.  After that he settles down with us and enjoys being stroked and cuddled.  He has a brilliant temperament.   We bought him a cat tree for him to climb and he enjoys taking cat naps in the cubby holes of it and sharpening his claws on its trunks.  He's been exploring our garden today and has had fun chasing the insects he could find and eating some of them with a little bit of grass.    Please find attached some pictures of him which you can use for your web site if you wish.  We'll keep in touch and will send you photos as he develops.


Pixie Bob Great Bear Pixie Bob Great Bear Pixie Bob Great Bear
Pixie Bob Great Bear and the boys. Pixie Bob Great Bear Pixie Bob Great Bear


Casey and David wrote..........(re Jerry)
Hi Clare, I’ve been meaning to send some pics, but I haven’t actually taken any, but he’s settling in very well, he does follow me around a lot which is nice, he walks across the keyboard when I’m on pc, and he watches me work while I’m converting my loft, and right now he’s chasing the cursor around the pc monitor, we’ve renamed him, Paddy, we were going to stick with gerry, but after much deliberation we chose “TIGSY”  cos of his baby/tiger like features, but then changed to Paddy cos tigsy seemed a bit feminine, he looks more like a “paddy” too. (but that may change, he may be referred to as “the cat with no name”)
            He’s very playful, his favourite toy now is a wand with elastic fastened to it with a piece of paper attached to the end, I think the noise of it scraping across the floor appeals to him, he has the run of the house, and as of yet he has destroyed nothing, he uses his litter tray with no problem and caseys friends all love his thumbs, I think he has a bit of a fan club!
             .will forward some pics shortly, but rest assured, he seems very happy and he will be looked after and loved much.
           Many thanks, David and Casey    
Giles & Polly wrote.......(re Dixie)
Dixie is still Dixie !!  She has taken over our lives (it only took her 10 minutes to settle in) - she constantly talks to us both; follows us around and is extremely playful (even at 4 in the morning).  She rules the house to the extent that Polly and I feel that we are privileged to be living under the same roof as Dixie.  What a fabulous cat she is!!  So beautiful, intelligent and kind natured.  She has fallen in the bath but still demonstrates an absolute fascination with water!!  She is also keen to be involved in whatever we are doing. She will stretch out on the computer key board when we are trying to work; she is fascinated by dark places and has recently started to sleep in bed between us (under the duvet with her head popping out like a human) - one crazy cat!!  We have her booked in to be speyed on 6th November 2008 and then the fun will begin as she goes outside - we had let her out on occasion but she is so quick and agile that she was up and over the fences before we could stop her!!  Then she was fascinated by the guinea pig and chickens next door so we had to go in an fetch her.
My Polly is besotted with her!!  We both adore Dixie!!
Richard & Charlotte wrote..............(re Alfie)
hi just to let you know alfie has settled in really well, he's been playing in the garden and having a good look at the raccoons, he liked chasing the rabbit about until it turned round and chased him lol,he's got his little routine were he runs around the lounge for a mad half hour then has a drink and goes to sleep on our bed ( he started off sleeping at the end of the bed but now he has moved his self up so he has a pillow bless), he has a little red hoody that he wears sometimes (he looks so sweet) will send you some pics when we load them up, he's eating well and seems to be growing, hope his sisters are well and everythings well with yourselves, speak soon Richard & Charlotte.


.....and later......
hi we are all fine,alfie doing really well hes massive now as you'll see from the pictures i've enclosed!it was his first birthday 3rd march he got lots of pressies including a water fountain for drinking from he loves it!he spends his days jumping out from under things and attaching himself to your legs or stealing anything shiny from the kids bedrooms!he likes playing out in the garden but isnt so keen on the rabbit chasing him around,he ends up on the table meowing for help!he always comes to greet us at the door when we get home hes a bit like a dog following us around everywhere!everyone loves him and comments on how gorgeous he is,he loves all the attention.i hope everyone is well and all your housemates are ok,will keep in touch.





Mark & Cathy wrote...........(re Piaf)
thanks for you mail. the journey back went ok, he got a bit scared of the lights on motorway etc; but otherwise he was fine. when we arrived home he decided he wanted to spend a bit of time under our sofa but we soon coaxed him out and he was happily playing.
he has settled in well. The kids love him. he is great with cath and i, and kisses the faces of us . he's absolutely delightful. still a bit skittish about our sons though, mainly our youngest, jack. we are keeping them seperated at the moment just letting them get to know each other gradualy. lol. He has started eating well, he cried at me this morning until i realised he was hungry!
we have had him on the harness in the garden although hes quite waryof it.  we want him to get fresh air but are scared he may run away until he knows us better!
anyway enough of us rambling on! he is doing great and we are absolutely over the moon with him. all the relatives have fell in love with him, the father in law was contemplating buying little Alfie but it looks like you have already adopted him.
we will send yoou some pics of the littel fella soon.


Helen & Andy wrote..............(Re Pino)
He usually can't decide whose bed he wants to sleep on so he sleeps on them all in turn and then the settees. He's a real character and keeps us entertained. he loves playing fetch especially at 6.00 in the morning.
Our little girl loves him to pieces and they follow each other round the house all the time, she doesn't want to do any of her activities now because she doesn't want to leave him for too long.
and later......................


He rules the roost. I think it was about 0300 this morning when he stood at the side of the bed touching me with his paw because he wanted to play. Funnily enough I couldn't agree with him, so he went back to sleep.
He's been chasing rabbits and birds in the garden but I don't think he's caught anything yet.
When I had my last 2 cats, a big black and white cat used to come and terrorise them. Pino saw him off no problem last week, I was so proud of him.
Our little girl can do whatever she wants with him and he doesn't mind at all he just loves all the attention. I've never known such a big soft cat. He really is precious and such a character, he makes us laugh all the time, fantastic company.



Jonathan wrote........(re Jackson)


Guess the pictures above showed how he’s settled!! Few days of our other cat hissing at him, but he shrugged his shoulders and got on with it. Bit more wary of the dog, but they get along well.
He has a fantastic temperament. My wife that was a little more unsure about us getting another cat really likes him.
Bev wrote...... (re charlie)
Hi Clare & Nigel
Just thought you might like to see some photos of Charlie.  He has settled in really well.  He is absolutely fantastic with the kids,  such a lovely temperament, they can do anything with him  and he never bothers, so laid back.
It took him a few days to fully settle but has now made himself really at home.  He constantly follows me around the house and as soon as I sit down he is on my knee.  He has grown quite a bit too and his markings are really coming out now, he is a gorgeous boy.


charlie charlie charlie charlie


....and later.....


Just to let you know that we had Charlie neutered last Friday.  He was fine, brought him home late afternoon and he was playing and running around as normal later on.  I don't think he is missing `them'!! 
He loves going outside, especially in the sunshine.  He does dissapear now and again, but not for long, he loves just lying around in the garden and chasing the flies and bees.  I don't let him out at night though.  He did have a scare when I first started letting him out, he went next door, unbeknown to him  there is a dog lives there and just as Charlie was outside their door, Dee let Gemma out!  It was like a scene from a cartoon...there was a lot of rustling in the bushes but he had made his escape.  He is still a bit cautious but is now learning that he can sit near the fence and Gemma can't get him.
He really stands out when I watch him walking in the garden, you can tell he is a special breed.  And his feet ARE still huge!
Ally & Alek wrote...... (re suki)
Hello there Clare!
I can't tell you how delighted we are by Suki's progress! Within an hour of arriving home, she was purring like a little tiger. She hardly cries at all, except when she wants feeding, and she trotted straight up to Apollo and sniffed his nose (he was completely traumatised by this but she seems quite comfortable, even when he growls at her!). She loves her cuddles, and actually comes up to us for strokes now! We had her microchipped on Monday and checked over by our vet, who did flag a couple of things, which we are going to keep an eye on- her eyes are slightly under-developed, but her vision seems fine (she can pounce on the feather stick with amazing accuracy!) and she is a little bit underweight, but she is eating OK so expect this to improve over next few weeks. My Dad came over to meet her last night, and went completely soft over her- she is such a cutie and we love her to bits!
I'll send some photos over to you tonight! Thanks again for everything, and please don't worry- she seems really happy!