Akecheta Pixiebob.


Ocasionally, we have the need to find homes for kittens / cats, that due to a change in circumstances, their current family can no longer support or look after them.

We also retire our breeding cats from time to time, as we like them to have many years of just being pampered, and not just "popping out" kittens for year after year!

On this page, we provide details of the kittens / cats who are wanting a new "forever" home, so if you feel that you would be prepared to offer one of these full pedigree Pixie Bob kittens / cats a loving, safe home, we would dearly love to hear from you.

We have a couple of brothers who are looking for a new forever home. We are looking for somewhere that has no young children, or other animals. They have been together since birth. One is very confident, and the other is a little shy, however, we feel in the right environment, they will settle and thrive.

If you feel you can offer a suitable, safe environment for this "dynamic duo", we would really love to hear from you.

For full details, please email or telephone us.


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Akecheta Trade Winds AKA Bandit Akecheta North Star AKA Rupert
Male Male
Short coat Short coat
Straight toes Straight toes
3/4 tail Full tail
Available Available




PLEASE NOTE :- The Pixie Bob is still a "rare breed" in this country, and as such, there will be a cost involved, ie they are not "free of charge", but the price will vary depending on circumstances.

Full details of each individual kitten / cat will be provided upon enquiry.