Akecheta Pixiebob

Keeping your kitten Indoors or let them outside?


This is an long standing debate, but due to recent reports, we feel that it is worth exploring this choice. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but our concern is for the kitten, and ensuring it has not only a loving home, but a SAFE environment.

Over the past few months we have had several reports from our clients that we are sad to say confirmed the disappearance and unfortunate end to a few of our kittens. Most of these were knocked down by motor vehicles, and one just disappeared, never to be seen again.

Getting the balance just right is a difficult task, but their safety has to be of paramount importance.

The people who have contacted us, all say that if they had the chance to go back, they would not let the kitten out unsupervised.

The Pixie Bob is also still a rare breed, and is also an ideal target for would be cat nappers who may be after a quick buck!

So what can we do?

The Pixie Bob is a very adaptable cat, and once they have been neutered / spayed will usually settle to whatever lifestyle it is allowed to have. (Remember - we are the adults, and just like children, we need to control what our animals do, not just let them do everything that they want to!)

Now in an ideal world, it would be nice to let a kitten / cat roam wherever it wants, but unfortunately, no matter where they live, they may come into contact with motor vehicles. Cats seem to "spook", no matter what the temperament, whenever a vehicle approaches and may often dash out in front of it.

As you no doubt already know, a cat does not stand much of a chance if it is hit by a car, and as this is by far the biggest threat to any roaming animal, keeping them off the roads is probably the best way of keeping your cat safe and well.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved without reducing a cats life to total misery!

Firstly, if you decide to keep your kitten inside your home, why not consider a playmate? Whilst Pixie Bobs love human interaction, having another cat to play with is a great idea, particulalry if they are left at home whilest you are at work for example, as they love to mix with other animals.

Pixie Bobs also adapt to walking on a leash. This is something that you have to be persistent with initially, but we would be happy to discuss this with anyone who would like to consider this. Either walks in your own garden, or why not take them with you, as they also adapt to travelling in the car, and go with you. Common sense must prevail here, ie don't take them down the high street! Secluded areas in the country would be great, and of course pick them up if you see any dogs, particularly off the leash.

You can also consider making your garden escape proof. This is not always as easy as it sounds because the Pixie Bob is very intelligent, and very agile, so again, if this is feasible, we would be pleased to discuss ways of doing this. It would be so nice to have a cat flap in your back door, which would enable your cat to go outside whenever they wanted to, knowing that they will be totally safe.

Just putting some basic things in place may deter your cat from escaping, or at least provide you with enough time to collect your kitten if it does try to leave your garden. This does mean that you need to be responsible for the kitten, ie you cannot leave it alone or unwatched, as trust me, in few seconds it will be gone!

Anyway, we hope that this has given you food for thought, as we want our kittens to have a very long, safe and happy life, so making a considered decision about the best way to achieve this, is our greatest desire.

PLEASE NOTE :- This is not meant as a criticism of any of our clients who have lost Pixie Bob kittens / cats, it is an fact their experiences that has prompted us to write this article. We simply wish to draw the problem to your attention, in the hope that positive action on your part will give your kitten a safe and long life!

In memory of :-

Pino (disappeared)

Lilly - (knocked down)

Cips (knocked down)