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Akecheta Gallery

Here we will display photographs and videos taken by ourselves and people who have adopted Pixie Bob kittens from us, along with other pictures which we feel demonstrate the character and appearance of the Pixie Bob.


jake & marley

Jake and Marley taking a well earned rest!

Photo kindly supplied by Angela.

This picture is of two sisters Penny and Princess taking a little nap!

Kindly suppled by Angela and Colin.

penny & princess
jake and marley

Picture of Jake and Marley, kindly supplied by Angela, and in her words - "


"A selection of cardboard boxes partially covered with a dust sheet - cat heaven!"

This is a lovely picture, (kindly supplied by Emma), of Tia (Pixie Bob - front) and Leo (Bengal - rear), doing, as what Emma describes as "What they do best - Sleeping"! Tia and Leo
Panther AKA Jack This is a very rare and special Black Pixie Bob. We have had only 2 from our litters so far. This is Panther, now known as Jack, who lives in Edinburgh with Kate and Stuart. Or should I say that Kate and Stuart now live with Jack! Their words not mine!
This is an update of the fabulous Akecheta Fighting Spirit who now lives in Spain with Begona and Jose. As you can see, he just gets better and better! The sun over there nust be suiting him! The Fabulous Akecheta Fighting Spirit

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Is this kitten drugged??!! Of course not - he is just one of our very special Pixie Bob kittens. We spend a lot of time with them, so they are used to this kind of treatment!
This is Akecheta Fighting Spirit, who nows lives in Spain with Begona and Jose @ MagicDream Pixie Bobs. As you can see he is very talented, as he can ride a bike in traffic! Todd the Biker!
Akecheta Fighting Spirit. This is Akecheta Fighting Spirit who is giving the "kiss of life" to his latest friend, Flora! Flora is safe and well! This is a genuine picture, which demonstrates the character of the Pixie Bob rather uniquely. I don't think I would be so trusting! lol
This is Jennifer, the day after she was taken home by Emma! I think you could say that she has settled really well! Settled?

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This is Poppy, the cat that thinks it is a Dog! Most of our kittens like to play this game, so it is not unusual for Pixie Bobs to behave in this way! If you want a cat that interracts more like a dog, then the Pixie Bob could be just what you need!
This will either make you smile or "cringe". This is our litter of 7 kittens, along with a "cuckoo" from another litter (8 in all)! It is not enough that Kitten (the mum) has 7 babies to feed, as there is always somone else looking for a "free" lunch! Is this some kind of record? It does not look physically possible, but this is real, and it actually happened! Our "Mega" Litter